Main reasons of a real happiness

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Main reasons of a real happiness

投稿記事by sheridavis » 2019年4月29日(月) 18:59

Happiness is mostly a state of being happy and satisfied. A number of philosophers have known different views on this theme however the most main one is that happiness comes from within and must not be looking for in the outside world. It is depressing how people look for happiness outside. Lots of people connect happiness with money. If this was the case then loaded people would have never felt sad. But on the opposing, we see that it is the rich who appear more nervous, fearful, harassed and often ability relationship problems and bear from depression. Celebrities such as film stars, singers and ministers have hoards of money and up till now the divorce rate of these people is much higher than the broad public. These people live in stable fear of being chased or hit and thus require security all the time. They are more afraid about the safety of their children. They are also the ones more flat to theft and robbery. More of them have so much overflow of riches that they are always stressed about where to spend or hide it. On the other hand, those belonging to the deprived classes are often more untroubled and joyous. This is not to speak that being rich is a bad thing. Having money means that you have a way into a lot of things. You can leave on holidays, plan social gatherings, purchase good clothes, buy property, and live in a good area. As well a lot more and all this brings in a feel fine factor which is a vital component for being happy. Though, believing that if you have all these you will be pleased is wrong. Grasping things can make your content momentarily but cannot assist attain true happiness. It is mostly our thoughts that make our emotions. So we need to work upon building positive thoughts and a helpful outlook towards life and it would finally result in true happiness.
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登録日時: 2019年4月29日(月) 18:05

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